Join John Challis on his journey to the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, where he aims to uncover why ‘Only Fools and Horses’ is so popular in the small Balkan nation, apparently it’s the most watched show in Serbia, but why?

Boycie is received in Serbia as almost a national hero, causing a media frenzy everywhere he goes on his voyage to learn about the people and the country.

From a Royal Palace, to a brandy distillery, to a university teaching cockney rhyming slang; the documentary will keep you entertained as well as discover what it is that unites this tiny Balkan state with British humour.

A must watch for any fan of Only Fools and Horses!

Featuring: John Challis
Produced & Directed by: Lazar Vukovic
Studio: Wolf Entertainment
Music: Sounds Visual Music Ltd

Not many people know that Only Fools and Horses is immensely popular in Serbia. Voted All Time Best Loved British Sitcom, the Serbians would agree whole heartedly.

John Challis who plays Boycie in the series and his friend Lazar Vukovic decided to travel to Belgrade, the Serbian capital in 2020, to discover why the people love the adventures of Del Trotter and his friends, to document their findings and to show the rest of the world just why the show is so popular over there.

There was a bit of a media stampede when news got out of the visit and fans travelled from all over the region to get a glimpse of Boycie himself. 
If you read this article from the express many years ago, you’d know exactly why:

John Spurley Challis (born 16 August 1942) is an English actor best known for portraying Aubrey “Boycie” Boyce in the long-running BBC television comedy series Only Fools and Horses and its sequel/spin-off The Green Green Grass. Since 2015, he has made guest appearances as “Monty Staines” from the seventh series onwards in the hit ITV comedy Benidorm, later becoming a regular character in series 10. 

Lazar Vukovic, born in the United Kingdom in 1986 to parents of Yugoslav origin. His business interests include retail, distribution, property, production and marketing. Lazar is the founder of LV Group, board member of Lifeline Humanitarian Organisation, board member of the Serbian Council of Great Britain and the UK & IRE delegate to the Serbian diaspora assembly.

Source: Wikipedia